ANIX Stainless Steel 3-Way Flanged Ball Valve ANSI Class 150

  • ANIX CF8M Flanged Three Way Ball Valve
  • • Sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4"
  • Features
  • • T port Mixer Valve or L port Diverter Valve
  • • Stainless Steel CF8M Body, SS316 Trim
  • • Full Port Design
  • • Blow-out-proof stem design
  • • ISO 5211 Direct Mount Pad
  • • Design: ASME B16.34
  • • Face to Face - ASME B16.10
  • • Flange end connection - ASME16.5
  • • Test and inspection in accordance with API 598
  • • Working Pressure Class 150
  • • Temperature Range -20F to 356F (R-PTFE) -20F to 302F (PTFE)
  • • Application medium: Water, Oil and Gas
ANIX Part Number: BV44R6F/150 & BV45R6F/150 Series

ANIX CF8M Flanged 3-Way L & T Port Ball Valve Class 150 Catalog

Download BV44 L Port & BV45 T Port Flanged Ball Valve Class 150 Catalog

ANIX CF8M Flanged 3-Way L & T Port Ball Valve Class 150 Data Sheets

Download FB44R6F/150 L Port Flanged Ball Valve Class 150 Data Sheet

Download FB45R6F/150 T Port Flanged Ball Valve Class 150 Data Sheet

Product Description

Introducing the ANIX CF8M Flanged 3-Way Ball Valve, designed to meet various flow requirements with its T port mixer valve and L port diverter valve options. Crafted from high-quality Stainless Steel CF8M material, this valve ensures durability and longevity. Its Full Bore, Full Port design, along with a Pad locking device, offers maximum efficiency and security. The valve incorporates a Blow-out-proof stem design for added safety, with Direct High and Low Mounted pad conforming to ISO 5211 standards.

Designed in accordance with ASME B16.34, with Face to Face dimensions compliant with ASME B16.10, and Flange end connection following ASME16.5 standards, this valve guarantees precise performance and easy installation. Rigorously tested and inspected in accordance with API 598, it offers reliable operation under various conditions. With a Working Pressure Class 150 and a Temperature Range from -20°F to 356°F for RPTFE and -20°F to 302°F for PTFE, this valve is suitable for a wide range of applications including Water, Oil, and Gas. Available in sizes ranging from 1" to 4", the ANIX CF8M Flanged 3-Way Ball Valve is the perfect solution for your flow control needs.



ANIX 3 way ball valve with Flanged type connection manufactured and distributed by ANIX Valve USA are made of high quality Stainless Steel CF8M. Flow plan includes T port (Mixer valve) and L Port (Diverter valve) with direct mounted pad ISO 5211 (High mounted). The 3-way flanged Ball valve is available in T-Port and L-Port designs completing the range of CF8M Stainless-Steel Three-way flanged Ball Valves.

The T-Port (Mixing valve) allows flow in all 3 ports or it allows Flow in two ports only. Whereas the L-Port (Diverter valve) allows flow in 2 directions in an L pattern. This makes it a specialized stainless steel Ball Valve necessary for anyone who wants to direct flow in 3 lines. Diverter and directional valves are names commonly used for three-way L-port CF8M stainless steel ball valves. These valves are commonly used to divert or change the direction of gas or fluids running through one of two separate outlets or ports.

Manual Reduced Port Three-way Stainless-steel L-port ball valves used as directional valves are usually installed to have the bottom port act as the flow entry port of the valve body. T-port stainless-steel three-way flanged ball valves are also referred to as Mixing valves. This valve configuration is most commonly used to combine or mix fluids coming from two different ports. Three-way CF8M Stainless-steel T-port flanged ball valves used as mixing valves are usually installed to have the bottom port act as the flow entry port of the full port valve body to mix or combine the fluids.

Generally, three-way stainless steel L port or T port flanged ball valves are described based on the way the ball valve directs the flow of fluids (Oil, Gas, Water, and petroleum). Depending on how the Three-way stainless-steel flanged ball valve is set up and how the valve ball is drilled, Oil and gas flow can be either mixed (Mixing valve) or diverted (Diverter valve). The three-way flanged ball valve can either be shut off completely or the flow can be blocked in one direction. Three-way stainless-steel flanged ball valves can eliminate the use of an extra ball valve and can also save space. Three-way ball valves also come in high mount or direct mount configurations.

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