ANIX Stainless Steel Socket Weld Ends 3-Piece Ball Valve 1000# with Direct Mount Pad

  • 316 Stainless Steel Socket Weld Ball Valve
  • • Size: 1/4" to 4"
  • • High / Direct Mount
  • Features
  • • S316 SS Socket Weld 3-Piece Ball Valve 1000WOG
  • • Investment Casting Stainless Steel Body
  • • Full Port / Full Bore
  • • Socket Weld End Connection - ISO 5211 compliant
  • • Lockable Handle
  • • Blow-Out-Proof Stem Design
  • • Available in R-PTFE or High-Temp PTFE seat materials
  • • Working Pressure of 1000 Psi
  • • For Water, Oil, or Gas Medium Application
  • • Design fully complies with ASME B16.34
  • • Tested and Inspected in accordance with API 598
ANIX Part Number: BVH63R6S/1000 Series

Socket Weld 3PC High Mounted Ball Valve 1000 WOG


Download SS316 Socket Weld High Mounted 3PC Ball Valve Product Literature.

Download SS316 Socket Weld High Mounted 3PC Ball Valve Data Sheet.


Product Description

The ANIX SS316 Socket Weld End 3-PC Full Port Ball Valve 1000WOG Lockable is crafted from investment casting stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability. This full port valve features a socket weld end connection and a high/direct mounting pad that fully complies with ISO 5211 standards, providing secure installation and operational control. The valve includes a padlocking device handle for enhanced lockability and a blow-out-proof stem design for safety. Available with R-PTFE or high-temp PTFE seat materials upon request, it is designed to handle a working pressure of 1000 psi for water, oil, or gas applications. Fully compliant with ASME B16.34 design standards and rigorously tested according to API 598, this valve guarantees performance and safety in demanding industrial environments.

ANIX Stainless Steel Socket Weld End 3-Piece Full Port Ball Valve 1000 WOG with direct mounting pad ISO 5211 manufactured and distributed by ANIX Valve USA are made of high quality 316 Stainless steel. The valve with socket welding end connection ensures no accidental leakage.

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