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Non Return Check Valve for efficient fluid flow control


Non return check valve is utilize in places where the application uses a flow of viscous or corrosive fluids. The nature of the fluids makes it necessary for the valve to be:

  • Highly efficient
  • Non reactive to the fluids and corrosion
  • Absolutely fool proof
  • Easily accessible
  • Very rugged

One may see these kinds of valves in desalination plants where the water is being purified before being taken to the bottling plant. One will also see these kinds of valves when the place has need for treatment of effluents and or if the water contains contamination of chemicals and fertilizers. The prevention of the back flow of the water makes it possible to achieve a good degree of cleanliness in the purification process. The valve is also used in mining industry and in power plants.

The valve is a mechanical device which makes it possible for the regulation of the flow of fluids through pipes and tubes. Normally one does not want the fluid flow to be interrupted once it starts flowing. This is generally the case, but sometimes one may need to check the flow for:

  • Pressure
  • Purity
  • Timing
  • Maintenance reasons

The valve is incorporated in those places where one would expect a back flow. Meaning, when there is a rise in gradient or if the volume of the water or fluid body suddenly increases then one may expect a sizable back flow.

The non return check valve is essentially having two portions within the body. On each side of the body there is an opening one for the water or fluid to enter and the other for the exit. Since these are most common, one does not even notice them in the house. They do not need any maintenance and so there are no external controls present.

The non return check valve has different names. It is also know n as the one-way valve or the clack valve. Many of the gas pipes also use these kinds of valves since the regulation of the gas flow is very tough unless the valves are really efficient. One of the guiding mechanisms of these valves is the pressure know n as the cracking pressure which is the actual upstream pressure necessary for the operation of the valve.

The various kinds of check valves are:

  • Diaphragm check valve
  • Swing check valve
  • Ball check valve
  • Stop check valve
  • Lift check valve

In places where there is need for cutting off the flow, irrespective of the upstream pressure, the stop check valve is used. This is done mechanically and the valve has external controls present which help in the operation.

The lift check valve is one that operates under pressure; meaning that it will store the fluid till one releases it by mechanical means of opening the valve. Once the fluid starts flowing, then the valve closes and the fluid starts to collect again building up the pressure. Use of valves has made the advancements in science possible.


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