Finding the Best 3-Way Ball Valve in the US and How it Functions

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Picture of ANIX Stainless Steel 3-Way Ball Valve 1000 WOG  Threaded NPT

Got a business that’s going to be transporting liquid from point A to point B? Maybe it is solids or gasses that you plan on transporting. Whatever the situation is, it will be the ball valve that regulates the flow of these substances. Not only will they do just that, but they’ll also serve a variety of other essential functions. Therefore, it will be imperative to learn how to make sure you choose the right and highest quality brands for the task. The market is growing rapidly and there are several different types suited for different kinds of projects. It is easy to see why experts are expecting the market to grow to a $15 billion one by 2024.


What Exactly Is A Ball Valve?


Before learning how these valves work, it will be imperative to learn what they are, along with why you should consider using them in the first place. Whether you are dealing with industrial or residential valves, you are basically dealing with the same product. One is just designed to handle a larger load. This being said, an industrial ball valve is a piece of machinery that controls the flow of liquids, solids, and/or gases. These devices can start, stop, or redirect the flow of these substances.


Most experts would associate the ball valve with a plug valve, but there is a distinguishable difference between the two in the operation. The ball valve operates by utilizing a ball-shaped seating element, hence the name. Some individuals refer to these pieces as quarter-turn valves also because they normally only require a 25-degree turn to switch off and on. This gives them the benefit of operating much easier than other types of valves.


Breaking Down The Types


There are several types of ball valves commonly utilized in the industrial field. Knowing the difference between the valves and how they work could help you choose the best one for your project.


3-Way Ball Vale – Take the 3-way valve for instance. It’s commonly used and is named such because it offers 3 entry or exit points for gas or fluids to move through. Depending on the design and manufacturer, this design of valve can offer one inlet and two outlets or one outlet and two inlet ports. Choosing the one you need, depends on the type of project, and work you are looking to accomplish.


Top-Entry Ball Valves – Top-entry valves offer one distinct advantage over others, as they offer easier repair and maintenance. One just simply needs to remove the bonnet cover and they’ll be provided access to all the components. This variety shares several similarities with the globe variety many are familiar with. The only difference is the trim portion uses a ball device and consists of a single entity. These styles are typically constructed of cast metal.




This is just a touch on valves. One could write all day about these devices. The most important thing to note is they can be used for a wide range of applications in various projects.



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