Reliable and Versatile Camlock Fittings in Texas

Picture of ANIX Stainless Steel 316 Camlock  Adapter Type A

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Are you tired of the repeated leakage in the connections you have been making? Wondering about how you can get the easy and quick connections and disconnections? Are you looking for the best Camlock Fittings? Want to have the good quality of Cam and Grove Couplings for your applications?

Camlock Fittings or the Cam and Grove Couplings are used for various reasons in the applications for transferring liquid products. These are used in the various types of applications for dry transportation too. These fittings are also used in several other uses. They are simple to use, versatile and reliable too. You can also interchange many Camlock Fittings with the fittings of other manufacturers. That shows how flexible these fittings are, isn’t it?

While buying the Camlock Fittings, one should have some knowledge of the male and the female fittings. The coupler, the adapter, the threads can be either male or female. So, it is very important to have information about the same in order to prevent leakage due to incorrect fittings. The standard sizes of the Camlock fittings are 3/4″ to 6″. They fit in various types of categories and that should be considered by the buyer while buying the Camlock Fittings.

The Camlock Couplers are made up of various materials like aluminum, nylon, stainless steel, brass and many alloys and materials. Some Camlock Fittings are made in the material of food grade plastic for the purpose of handling the liquid food. These fittings are commonly used because they are easy and quick to make connections and disconnections too.

Camlock Couplings are used in various applications like in general winery, agricultural applications, dry and bulk handling, chemical processing, fixing of pipes, water pumps, trash pumps, petroleum handling, transfer pumps and for hoses to tanks and pumps.

The various categories of the Camlock Fittings include the Type A to Type F categories where the sizes and the types of the two fitting ends are considered.

• Type A category has the male grove adapter on one end and the same size of the female pipe thread.

• Type B category has the female Camlock Fittings on one end and the same size of male pipe thread on the other end.

• Type C category has the female Camlock Fittings and male host barb on the ends.

• Type D category has the female Camlock and female pipe thread on the ends.

• Type E category has the male Camlock and male host barbon the ends.

• Type F category has the male grove adapter and male pipe thread on the ends.

If you take care of the above mentioned categories, then your Camlock Fittings will give successful results. Otherwise, it will result in an unsuccessful marriage of the fittings resulting in leakage.

Camlock Fittings can be used in inks and paints manufacturing factories, in Agricultural sprayers, in fire departments, on petroleum trucks, on fuel trucks and in cleaning services too.

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