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There are various types of vacuum valves such as:

    • Gate valves: These are known as knife valves also and they are mainly used for shut off purposes in specific applications. The gate valves have linear motion through which a flat closed device or element slides into the flow.


    • Inline valves: Inline valves have their inlet ports positioned in a parallel way to the outlet ports for regulating the flow maintenance.


    • Angle Valves: In these types of valves the ports are positioned at an angle to each other for regulation of the fluid flow rate.


    • Ball valves: These are the valves where there is a spherical ball shaped device to which the seat is connected to control the flow rate of the fluid and through which the consistency of the flow rate can also be easily maintained.


    • Butterfly valves: these are valves that are quickly operated and used only in specific applications. The ports here too are at a right angle to each other.


    • Diaphragm valves : These use diaphragms that are not rigid and which facilitate the separation of the fluid flow from the closure device and thus successfully helps in controlling the flow rate


    • Relief valves: These types of valves acts as a deterrent to too much of vacuum being formed in the closed chambers which will otherwise destroy the valves from properly functioning.


  • Straight through valves: These are types of vacuum valves where the ports are to be positioned parallel to each other for regulation of the flow rate of the relevant fluid.
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