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Anix Valve USA is a leading full port ball valve manufacturer based in Houston, Texas, United States.

Full Port Ball Valve” or “Full Bore” refers to a special valve design which allows to have an unrestricted flow whenever a valve is opened. These full port ball valves usually have larger bodies in comparison to the standard valves. Thus, allowing for a large ball and larger inside opening due to having a larger house body.

Full Port Ball Valves, Standard Port Ball Valves, & Reduced Port Ball Valves

Basically, a full port ball refers to that valve that has the same diameter as the diameter of the pipe. On the other hand, a standard port ball valve has a diameter that is smaller as compared to the diameter of the pipe.


As the full port valve openings have the same diameter or size as the pipe surrounding it, it makes a great application because it would to little or no flow loss. In case the full port ball valve is in the “open” or “on” position, then the valve would almost feel like the it is not there. The flow is also restricted.


Apart from full port valves and standard port valves, there are also reduced port ball valves. Reduced port ball valves are basically those valves in which the ball opening is smaller as compared to the full port ball valves. These smaller valve openings help in increasing the velocity.


Usually, the full port ball valves are on the more expensive side in comparison to the reduced or standard port valves. The benefits of each valve will depend on their need or application. Also, all ball valves aim to serve the same purpose, to provide an open or closed pipe functionality or on or off pipe functionality.


Let us have a look at some frequently asked questions about full port ball valve below.


What is a full bore in the valve?

A full bore ball valve basically has an oversized ball. The hole in this ball is of the same size as that of the pipe's internal diameter. This will ensure a straight-through flow as well as a positive shut-off with very less resistance and minimal pressure drop to the liquid flow. 


Full Flow Valves

Full flow valves or full flow ball valves have been designed along with a full port in order to maintain a high flow as well as minimize the possible pressure drops.


How does a full port ball valve actually work?

A full port or full flow ball valve comes with a straight flow path. In this path, there is no flow reduction just because it all travels through a valve.


Do ball valves really restrict flow?

The ball’s center has a hole. When, both, the pipe and the hole are aligned, then fluid can flow. The flow of the fluid can be simply shut off just by turning the handle to 90 degrees. This is one great reason why ball valves are also known as quarter-turn valves. In case the hole through ball is comparatively smaller than the pipe’s bore, then it would restrict flow.




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