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How excess flow valves work:

The excess flow valve has a spring that pushes it open against the oncoming flow of gas. When more and more gas flows, the spring makes the valve seal to shut and thereby stops the flow of gas. If the lines in your gas system are repaired, the valve automatically resets itself.

Types of flow valves:

Flow valves come in different types; out of them needle valve is the simplest type. It has a small, needle like plunger, which helps the system to control the flow. It is advantageous to use the needle valve.

    • Needle valve is perfect for flow metering applications.
    • It is very easy to shut off the valves completely, by simply giving finger tight pressure.
    • Needle valves are often used in hot water heating applications


Flow Check valves:

Check valve is one of the important types of flow valves, which allows the fluid to flow through the valve in one direction. These valves are often used in pumps, including piston driven, diaphragm pumps and chromatography pumps. These valves resemble small cylinder like structure and they are also used in fluid systems like those in chemical and power plants.


The flow check valves are especially useful in situations, where multiple gases are required to be mixed into a single gas stream. These valves assure the purity of the gas cylinders and are therefore nonflammable.

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