History of Ball Valves in the United States

The ball valve was invented in the 1950s. It is also one of the fastest-growing valves in recent years, especially in the USA, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and the UK where the ball valves are widely used.

The type and amount of ball valves are still increasing in speed, and engineering development began to move towards the application of high temperature, high pressure, large port, secure sealing, longer duration, major adjustments, and multiple functions.

Ball valves are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, pipelines, food and beverage, and construction. Some of the main features of the ball valve explained here:

  1. Low Flow Resistance

Part of the ball valve can be divided into the full and reduced port harbor. The inner diameter of the full-port ball valve is equal to the diameter of the pipe makes partial resistance equal to pipe friction resistance. Therefore, a full-port ball valve has a low flow resistance in comparison with other types.

  1. Fast and Easy Open and Close

It handles the 90-degree easier and faster to open and close. In some cases, it only takes as little as 0.05 ~ 0.1 seconds to complete the action. So it is better in the automation system.

  1. Great Sealing

Currently, most of the sealing element is made of a flexible material such as Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE. Sealing elements combined with metallic and non-metallic materials called soft sealing. In general, the effectiveness of sealing a gentle breeze to guarantee, and require precision low engine and a rough surface.

  1. Length Again

Features of PTFE self-lubrication to reduce friction between the sealing element and ball. In addition, the increased skill rough surfaces degrade the ball machine, increasing the lifespan.

  1. The smooth surface facilitates transport from the sticky fluid, serous fluid and particles.

  2. It can work smoothly without applying a lubricant that is ideal for handling corrosive media and low-boiling point liquids.

  3. Under conditions of high pressure and temperature, can perform bi-directional sealing.

  4. The sealing elements in the body and the seat can be completely separate media that can prevent erosion.

High Quality Pipe Fittings Manufacturer within the USA

Since the Inception of our company, Fittings was our focus. We wanted to bring about the best quality of the product for all our customers. Since then , it is an industry that is ever developing and continues the change till date. Over the years several technologies have emerged, and so are the changing needs of the customers. Thus , even in the industry and product line of Pipe Fittings several types have emerged as per the specific needs of the customers.

The non exhaustive list of the various Pipe Fittings we manufacture are :

  • Butt weld Pipe Fittings
  • Socket Weld Pipe Fittings
  • Threaded Pipe Fittings
  • Olets
  • Sanitary Pipe Fittings

The industry of Pipe Fittings contributes majorly to the revenues of our company. Due to emergence of low cost technology and cheaper products, it is difficult to sustain in a market dominated by the Chinese products. Thus we only entertain requests where quality is the highest considerations and costs are secondary. We are not the best company for orders where cost is the most important factor. We don’t slim prices at the cost of quality. Thus end users find it a treat to discover our company and work with us.

Rigid focus is paid to ensure the durability and long life of the product. Thus original prime quality raw material is used to manufacture the products. We believe in the concept of FIT & FORGET. Thus once the fittings are installed, the customer is assured that if the product is purchased from original KSC Brand , it will last a longest time in the industry.

What is a Valve Key Wrench and How is it Used?

Gate valves and valve wheels are very common fixtures in numerous industries. They are used as a main control valve and are not necessarily opened or closed all the way. An example of this kind of a valve in a residence is the one that controls the main water supply into the house. In some cases, especially in industries, these valves need special wrenches for operation. These wrenches are called keys. Having a valve key ensures that unauthorized personnel do not operate them. The tool that is used to either open or close a key such as this one is called a valve key wrench. The main purpose of the valve wheel wrench or valve key is to assist the operating in opening the valve. This allows stuck or difficult to turn valves to be opened and safely. In the oil and gas industry, particularly in Australia, a high emphasis is placed on safety. The valve wheel wrench can drastically reduce down time caused by wrist injuries and repetitive strain caused to operators constantly opening valves.
The unique surgrip style of fitting as seen on the Titan and Petol tools minimises the chances of the wrench slipping. Another great safety feature is seen on the non sparking tools made from aluminium and other alloys.

A T-style wrench key is used to turn valves that are buried under ground level. These valves do not generally have manual controls and are very commonly fitted on gate valves. These buried valves are installed by municipalities or even in lawns on private properties. The handle that is used to operate such as valve is T-shaped, thus the name. A valve key wrench is very different from this, in that it is used to operate an exposed valve. As the name suggests a valve key provides additional security.

There are different types of valve keys and consequently the wrenches that are used to open them are different as well. The Telescope key is used in steam or sewer tunnels and a valve key is used to operate it. This key is specifically called a telescope valve key. A fire hydrant valve key is another variety. The large bolt that is attached to the top of a fire hydrant is connected to a long rod that is attached to a gate valve. The latter is positioned right above the water mains. This is done to ensure a direct and large amount of water supply in the event of a fire.

The keys that are used to operate valves such as these are as important as the valves themselves. They are available as part of the entire valve assembly and can be ordered separately as well. The quality of the key generally matches the quality and the material of the valve and is very durable. Another variety is the lid key. It is similar to a T-style key in that it has a T-shaped handle. The main difference is that the space where the wrench intersects with the gate valve is a more complicated one.

The end of the key is generally forked. In some cases, it might contain a rod or flange that is unusually shaped. This itself is the key and it prevents the gate valve from unauthorized access. A hand wheel key is designed specifically to provide extra leverage to the handles of gate valves. Most gate valves are structured with round handles. Years of exposure to extreme climate or even the elements and moisture can make them very difficult to open. A hand wheel key fits snugly into either the spokes or the rims and provides the added leverage that is required to operate these valves.

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Where do you find a Reliable Stainless Ball Valve in the US?

A stainless steel ball valve is a fitting that is attached to the juncture or the end of a pipe. It is used to regulate the flow of gas or liquid. These valves are found in all kinds of shut-off valve application. Inexpensive plastic versions, nylon and pvc, are manufactured for residential use while high-end, high-precision ones are used in industrial applications. The latter could be as large as several feet in diameter. Some of these are made using an amalgamation of various metals and can prove to be very expensive.

Picture of ANIX Stainless Steel 2-Piece FIRE SAFE Full Port Ball Valve 2000 / 3000 WOG Threaded NPT

A stainless steel ball valve is constructed in a specific manner. It is made of a smooth plastic or metallic ball that is encased in a smooth cavity. This ball is flanked by a ring-shaped seal and is attached to the entry and exit ports of the valve. The ball has an open port which is also called a bore. This core runs right through the steel ball on one side. The sealed valve stem shaft has a handle connected to it. When the valve is switched-off the port stands perpendicular to the pipeline that holds the valve and the flow of either the gas or the liquid gets completely blocked.

This ball valve has an intuitive operation. When the handle is pulled-up perpendicular to the pipe, the flow gets shut-off. Dropping the handle down parallel to the pipeline makes the ball turn 90 degrees. This opens up one end of the port and the flow from one side of the pipe to the other is literally an unrestricted one. The primary function of these valves is for an “on” “off” function. However, some ball valves are designed especially for throttling operations where the flow of liquid or gas has to be modulated. These will have a port that is shaped like a football or a “V” shaped one as well. There are certain precautionary measures that have to be taken.

Since the ball is smooth and slippery, it can be either opened of shut with considerable ease. Liquids cannot be compressed and fully opening or closing a valve sometimes creates water-hammering. The sudden shutting-down action sends a shock-wave of sorts into the liquid which in turn leads to an impact on the mechanism itself. This can damage the equipment that is connected to the pipe. Critical, high-flow applications have dampeners attached to them. The opening and closing rates of the valves can be regulated with these fittings. Some industrial set-ups literally have thousands of valves that are fitted at various pipe junctures and joints. Ball valves can be one piece, two piece up to four piece. Other common valves in brass, bronze, pvc or 316 stainless are globe valves, gate valves, check valves and butterfly valves.
In order to ensure that there is no tampering of these valves, camlocks (also called quick couplings) can be fitted to them. These locks are used in residential and industrial applications alike. They can range from uncomplicated and inexpensive designs to rugged and heavy-duty ones. The camlocks that you buy will be dependent on the equipment that they are going to be used for. Industrial equipment is essentially different from residential ones in that it has be stronger, the safety levels that have to be maintained are different and strict quality standards have to be followed in their manufacture. Stainless steel and Aluminium camlocks are most used and ideal for oil, fuel and water trucks.

Anix Valve USA has all kinds of Camlocks on offer. A Stainless Ball Valve can be used either in residential or industrial applications.

Reliable and Versatile Camlock Fittings in Texas

Picture of ANIX Stainless Steel 316 Camlock  Adapter Type A

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Are you tired of the repeated leakage in the connections you have been making? Wondering about how you can get the easy and quick connections and disconnections? Are you looking for the best Camlock Fittings? Want to have the good quality of Cam and Grove Couplings for your applications?

Camlock Fittings or the Cam and Grove Couplings are used for various reasons in the applications for transferring liquid products. These are used in the various types of applications for dry transportation too. These fittings are also used in several other uses. They are simple to use, versatile and reliable too. You can also interchange many Camlock Fittings with the fittings of other manufacturers. That shows how flexible these fittings are, isn’t it?

While buying the Camlock Fittings, one should have some knowledge of the male and the female fittings. The coupler, the adapter, the threads can be either male or female. So, it is very important to have information about the same in order to prevent leakage due to incorrect fittings. The standard sizes of the Camlock fittings are 3/4″ to 6″. They fit in various types of categories and that should be considered by the buyer while buying the Camlock Fittings.

The Camlock Couplers are made up of various materials like aluminum, nylon, stainless steel, brass and many alloys and materials. Some Camlock Fittings are made in the material of food grade plastic for the purpose of handling the liquid food. These fittings are commonly used because they are easy and quick to make connections and disconnections too.

Camlock Couplings are used in various applications like in general winery, agricultural applications, dry and bulk handling, chemical processing, fixing of pipes, water pumps, trash pumps, petroleum handling, transfer pumps and for hoses to tanks and pumps.

The various categories of the Camlock Fittings include the Type A to Type F categories where the sizes and the types of the two fitting ends are considered.

• Type A category has the male grove adapter on one end and the same size of the female pipe thread.

• Type B category has the female Camlock Fittings on one end and the same size of male pipe thread on the other end.

• Type C category has the female Camlock Fittings and male host barb on the ends.

• Type D category has the female Camlock and female pipe thread on the ends.

• Type E category has the male Camlock and male host barbon the ends.

• Type F category has the male grove adapter and male pipe thread on the ends.

If you take care of the above mentioned categories, then your Camlock Fittings will give successful results. Otherwise, it will result in an unsuccessful marriage of the fittings resulting in leakage.

Camlock Fittings can be used in inks and paints manufacturing factories, in Agricultural sprayers, in fire departments, on petroleum trucks, on fuel trucks and in cleaning services too.

Guide to Buying Wholesale Valves Online

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The term "valves" has its origin in the Latin word "valva," meaning the movable part of a door. Valves are devices used to regulate or control the movement of liquids, gases or slurries, by creating an open, closed, or partially closed passage, according to the need.  We can find valves in every industrial process in the world. Some examples include sewage processing, mining, oil and petroleum processing, food industries, and chemical industries.

We use valves such as plumbing valves for taps in cookers for gas control, washing machines, dishwashers, car engines, and other safety devices in daily life. However, there are many types of valves available in the online wholesale market, leaving the customer confused. So, here, we have listed the factors to consider while buying wholesale valves online:


Size of the valve:


Usually, the pipe size determines the size of the valve, which we can measure by calculating the outlet's inner diameter. For hoses and pipes, the inside diameter is to be measured. 


Coefficient of Volume


The coefficient of volume determines the flow rate. The higher, the more water will pass through it per second. As a result, the coefficient's magnitude of different valves is set side by side, and the best one is selected.


Type of Valve


Choose the type of valve you need precisely. Some of the varieties are as follows:


1. Butterfly valves:


There are two types of styles adopted for a butterfly valve; Wafer and Lug bodies. The former has thru-bolt holes located through the outside rim of the pipe flanges, while the latter has threaded bolt holes on both sides of the valves. They are manually or pneumatically actuated. We can also encounter electric actuators.


2. Ball valves:


Ball valves are the most common type of valves used in industries. As the name indicates, the valve has an internalized ball fixed inside a seat. When the handle rotates at 90 degrees during operation, the valve is closed, and when the handle waltzes parallel with the inlet ports, the valve opens. Standard port ball valves have less fluid path than full port ball valves.


3. Gate valves:


A gate valve is used where a more significant flow is needed and finds applications in large fertilizers, fuel tank storage, and fleet washing machinery. A round handle is responsible for the opening and closing; turning it in clockwise will close the valve while turning it counter-clockwise will close the valve. These valves are mainly great for low-pressure systems.


4. Globe & Angle valves: 


The globe valve is externally similar in look to the ball valve but is different in design. These valves are made for bulkhead systems to detach large transports into the storage tanks. Globe valves can be seen in the Anhydrous Ammonia industry, especially in the toolbars or supply risers. 


5. Needle valves:


Needle valves appropriate in high-pressure systems, car wash, and suitable cleaning systems. In the Anhydrous Ammonia industry, they are indispensables.




Valves can be an excellent tool to ease your machinery works in industries and small daily life works. We have listed the different valves and the factors to be taken care of while buying wholesale valves. I hope the article helps you in buying a good product.

Finding a Wholesale Valve Supplier in Texas

Finding a Good Valve Manufacturer in Texas

Picture for category Trunnion Ball Valve



There are such wide numbers of reasons you may need to find a good supplier who makes a reliable and long-lasting valve in Texas. It might be why you don't need to hire local manufacturers, or you may need to find out a reliable source of valves. 

Whatever the reasons are, if you are running a retailing valve company, you must hire an efficient valve manufacturer in Texas. It is a basic necessity to find out reliable, trustworthy, and experienced valve manufacturers. 

How Can You Choose the Right Valve Manufacturer?


There are many ways through which you can pick the right valve manufacturer in Texas. Further, we will discuss some complementary steps which help you to compare different companies and make the right decision. 

  1. Ask Questions About Product and Company:

One of the most important ways to find a good company is to ask questions and compare their services and inquiries to others as somebody who has worked with organizations before will naturally ask several things about the organization. There are certain questions that you need to ask, which include: 

  • What kind of manufacturer are you seeking?

  • What kinds of products do you need?

  • When was the last time you were our models done? 

  • What is the future for this brand? 

You need to likewise ask great subsequent inquiries. You will be amazed at the number of organizations that are keen on saying they have offered their administration to you and share the history of their work. So asking the development and their company work will help you to make the right decision. 

  1. Great Communication and Behavior:

When you find out the valve manufacturers in Texas, you can supply the items you need sooner than the nearby valve distributor. It will presumably be because this provider you found on the web has been known as the best valve distributor by individuals in your area.

It means that the manufacturer has many options for the required product that you need at an affordable rate. These organizations will have all that you require to guarantee that you can guarantee that the quality in your valve is of the greatest conceivable quality. They need to give you a guarantee that you will have better valves, and at the time of approval, they should communicate properly. 

  1. They Should Adopt Various Types of Valves:

Another issue you will see is that you likewise will want to adjust to the various states of items, particularly when there is a range of valve types that you are making. It will be simpler for you when you have a manufacturer with years of experience in making various valves. It will allow you to attract your clients in a bundle of ways to ask for several other types from you as well. Accordingly, it will bring down the expenses of the items you use.

These tips will help you to find a reliable and top of line manufacturer of the valve in Texas. Also, these complementary steps will be beneficial for your business and upgrade our skills in marketing as well. 




Choosing the Right Control Valve Supplier

Anix Valve USA is the leading valve supplier that provides quality control valves at a good price.

Finding the right supplier for your control valves is among the most important choices you will face. Trusted suppliers will give you the right product, at the right price, and ensure that your needs are met throughout your partnership between your company and the supplier. Anix prides itself in serving clients with its comprehensive support team and offering quality valves at a good price. When you are looking for a control valve supplier, here are some key characteristics to be aware of:

Their supply of equipment must be adequate; you do not want to work with a vendor with inadequate inventory at hand. Supplier inventory is how much of each component the supplier has at hand. It is the amount of time you will be without equipment that you should take into consideration when purchasing replacement parts. If you choose to do business with a vendor that has an excellent inventory on hand, you increase your chances of having what you need and decrease the time spent without crucial parts you may need.

To get maximum performance from your valves and parts, regular maintenance is critical. Preventative maintenance varies, so choose a supplier that specializes in maintaining the operations of your business while minimizing downtime. Ask your hardware vendor if they have Anix products, which holds many industry-leading certifications. Work with a manufacturer that prioritizes your business and is willing to serve you and your needs with negotiable pricing.

Broad Expertise

If you are looking for repair services, it may be necessary to look for those as well. Be that as it may, even well-maintained valves may require servicing. Look for valve suppliers with broad expertise and those who are friendly and always willing to help you align with your business needs. Make sure your parts supplier is well known in the industry with frequent news coverage like Anix. You can use these designations to ensure that your valve will be returned to the exact specifications from which it came. Working with manufacturers that are not reputable is challenging because you have nowhere to report them if things go sour.

Furthermore, focus on control valve suppliers that have technicians who have gone through a valve manufacturer's training program. For example, GE CGT centers (Authorized to repair Consolidated Kleines Relief Valves) are authorized to do pressure and Masone and MAR (Trained to fix Masone Kle) repair and control valve repairs. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between valves and actuators; they are partners in crime. A supplier that can help you select the best valves for your project from start to finish can work with you to supply both kinds of valves.

Finally, regulation is one of the main issues associated with industrial valves. As a result of a report released recently by the National Transportation Safety Board, there have been 28 new regulatory regulations to implement across the state and municipal levels. To ensure that your projects follow all regulations, choose a valve supplier that has shown they are conscious of the regulatory climate and integrity. Choosing a manufacturer that is also committed to safety works to your advantage.

Request a Wholesale Online Quote from a Valve Manufacturer and Supplier

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Valve is a commonly used device or a natural object. This object is used to regulate, direct, and control the fluid flow through the opening and closing or obstructing the passageways partially. Valves are like technical fittings. Valves help in controlling gas as well as the liquid flow in every process and system. One can look for a Valve Manufacturer in Houston to get valves.

No matter how good valve manufacturers you find, choosing the correct valve can be confusing and time-consuming. One can start valve selection by gathering some basic information on the requirements of the system's performance. When consumers know the requirements, it will be a lot easier to find the correct valve. Here are a few tips for choosing the right valve-


Valve size and kind

It would be best if you always chose the right valve kind. Each valve will need to perform more than one basic function. Some of the functions may include-

· shut off the flow

· mix flow

· backflow prevention

· divert flow

· pressure relief

· adjust flow

These functions will determine the design of the valve types. The most popular valve types are check valves, needle valves, metering valves, stopcocks, relief valves, and pinch valves. You should properly choose the size of the valve. This will help in improving the performance of the system.


Materials of design

The buyers looking for valves should learn about the chemical compatibility needs and requirements. Materials used in the valve design should be compatible with any of the gases and liquids that will pass through it. Plastic valves are mostly used for resisting harsh and corrosive chemicals, which makes them better than metal valves.


Performance needs

One must determine the pressure as well as the temperature requirements. Learn about the temperature along with the pressure ranges in which the valve has to be installed. Valves made with metal are used to withstand high temperatures or pressures compared to plastic valves. For pressurized gases, metal valves are more suitable because they are stronger than plastic valves.



One must choose a valve that is easy and simple to maintain. Any valve that you choose must also offer reliability and stability at the same time. Ball valves are very simple to maintain because they can resist clogging and jamming. Though they are not very suitable for adjusting flow because they can lead to leakage and premature failure, they are still a popular choice. Valve type can also greatly affect the speed of repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Every valve type has its pros and cons. One must purchase the one that works best for them.

There are several manufacturers of Valve in Huston. These manufacturers will offer the best quality valves made in the US to the customers. One can check out the websites of Valve Manufacturers in Houston and read about their services. It is also very simple to send them the details and request an online quote to learn about the prices. Always make comparisons of quotes by different manufacturers to choose the most cost-effective provider.


Anix Valve USA is Looking For Stocking Distribution Partners
We are interested in an opportunity to work with you as one of our authorized distribution partners. ANIX Valve is a leading direct stocking manufacturer of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel valves. Our corporate sales support office and distribution center is based out of Houston, Texas. ANIX has been a trusted reliable valve manufacturer for many industries and companies worldwide since 1988.
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